Finding a four-leaf clover

The only way I can think of finding a four-leaf clover is looking for it. Perhaps for this reason it has become an icon of good luck, because as luck, only you can find looking for it and working every day.

The clover, although we did not eat normally be eaten in salads ... at least if we know where hambra attack ...

You can also make clover infusions, whose properties include the regulation of the intestinal tract, diuretic, anti cold ... what is not as it is but quoted.

Although many people do not relate the clover is within the group known as weeds, but everyone gets happy when he sees it in his garden, so we should change the concept.

He likes the chilly temperatures, without allowing it to freeze and grow very well in gloomy areas.

There are varieties of clover very beautiful and interesting, we can get through specialty nurseries, but in all cases, we must consider what we said at the beginning, it is highly invasive and cost much then remove it if that decision.

As a last detail, although many of you know already the clover is an image emblematic of Ireland, paradise of it.