The Perello Valencian Tomato

The Valencian tomato is well known for its intense flavour, quality and reputation...
In Valencia coastal area are plantations from owners who grow a variety with denomination of origin itself, 'The Perello Valencian Tomato', as the name suggests are grown by the area Sueca- El Perello just 20 km from the capital ...

This tomato is known throughout the Region of Valencia for their fame and prestige, without a doubt one of the best tomatoes if not the best we can eat in Spain.

In many other parts of the Spanish geography also grown the same variety of tomato but does not reach the taste you have this, why?

Well many believe that is climate, being just placing hundreds of meters from the sea breeze gives that special flavour only achieved in tomatoes in this area, others much say that water is the being irrigated, with the same water used to irrigate the rice fields ... many say it is the micro climate created in the Levant area... the truth is that everything influences...

They are planted in early June, before planting the land is covered with a plastic that has a hole in the middle (the plastic that surrounds the plant does not grow boils around), is dropped the tomato plant in the centre of the hole and then add soil to hold the plant, the soil is covered with plastic to keep it from blowing and watered the field (provided by traditional flood irrigation) in a month and a half we started to enjoy these rich tomatoes on our tables

As a curiosity:
In the last 4 years has gone from a production of 40,000 kg to 400,000 kg, has multiplied 10 times its production (it should be noted that the price of this tomato is usually around 2€ Kg, and has a very good reception in the market due to their superior quality, hence the increase of production in such a short time)
In some fields, must use water pumps to water them because there is not enough water to the field, usually take any ditch water mother of many that are in these wetlands
Many weekends when people from the city go to the beach stop in the fields to purchase this rich tomato directly to the farmer