Money Plant

Don't know who was ... saying ... during a severe economic crisis must not look for work. Do not look for  because there is none. However, we think where you are good and enhance it.

Here you have something to think about ... Money plant will not make you rich, you will not be left over, but you're going to get out of the difficulties you have, I ask myself for health to water this plant, that I did not miss, the rest will come.

Ask for a cutting and plant it to some friends, it is very easy to maintain and is very nice, if you success to flourish you will see that your flowers are beautiful white and purple.

It is an ideal plant to put on a shelf to hang their leaves, can be indoors or out without problem.

We can put it in direct sunlight, but we must remember to water it, I have it next to a fish tank thus benefits from its moisture.

Does not tolerate too well temperatures below 10 ° C, is better than a temperature 15 ° C

When we see that the stems are very dry, cut off some new and will plant, these stems fresh new leaves will give light to the plant.

This is the best investment you can do right now.