General information on the types of aquarium plants

Water lettuce aquarium


Duckweed, an easy water plant...




Anubias, slow but sure.



Elodea densa, another easy plant for aquariums.


Java Moss, an easy plant and a good choice for breeding fish.



With good luck, each time the number of people who  believe about the need of plants for our aquariums is growing up.

Thinking that we can have a fish tank without plants is a mistake. Fish do not mistreat the plants, maybe just some snack to taste them, but generally are tolerant, and need them.

Just a group of big cichlids are unwise to keep plants and we have to limit to a bare aquarium stones.

Many times, just frustrated by repeated failures not really get to understand what the real problem is and what are the real needs of the plants we want to keep in our aquarium.

A well planted aquarium is a work of art to behold, and we must start from the beginning by choosing either the substrate, species and their disposal.

Plants, not only play a decorative role, but provide oxygen to the water and absorb excess nutrients in our aquarium and offer a perfect retreat for the welfare of our fish also put bed on many occasions.

We could categorize aquarium plants into three types:

Stemmed plant, such as bacopa or foxtail, we can even maintain unplanted as floating plants.

Bulbous plants, of which we mus bury bulb only part such as Nymphaea

Root plants, in which we plant without bending the roots, trying to be open as much as possible, such as Vallisneria.

In naturebrain you going to be able to find plenty of information articles on some of the most common species of aquatic plants in aquariums.

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