Miltonia Orchids


The Miltonia orchids are a particularly beautiful, originating from the jungles of Central America, and South America in Colombia, Peru and Brazil.

But all we buy remember that orchids hybrids sob made to achieve better results in their blooms color.

The Miltonia orchids need humidity of 70% as well as a good little ventilation, we must pay special attention to air conditioners because they tend to dry the atmosphere and this is fatal to our Miltonia.

The substrate Miltonias not need, we hung subject to a stone or a tree bark where water pulverizaremos made periodically every 2 days for example avoiding flooded areas to stay because we could rot their roots.

The temperature should not go down to about 15 ° C, is an ideal indoor plant, but requires no sun if you need good lighting.

The Miltonia is played like other orchids kills division, as we see that the bulbs will grow new plants and also sacarnemos our Miltonia is so strong and continue to grow for about 5 years, which is how long it can take our orchid .

It is advisable to pay, especially before flowering in spring with a special fertilizer for orchids that will mix with the irrigation water, we do once every month or two months, if ever exceed subscriber because to bad for the orchid.

Now, some tips on our Miltonia ...

Always provide good ventilation

Good lighting, but not direct sun

Temperature between 18 º C and 26 º C

If the sheet is deformed because it needs regular watering

If the leaves are rough may be due to excessive light.