The Baladre

Nerium oleander, known as laurel Flowers is a Mediterranean shrub species.

The oleander is a poisonous plant, its stems, leaves, flowers and seeds contain a toxin that can cause a multitude of symptoms like blurred vision, diarrhea, headaches, death ... is a extremely dangerous ground.

Despite being forbidden to sell in any nursery.

Even the honey that bees can be manufactured with the pollen of these flowers are poisonous honey.

But all is not bad, its toxicity is used in medicine for the heart treatment, even to clean scabs and stuff.

This plant is due to its Mediterranean origin tolerate drought well, thanks to the color of their flowers are grown in gardens and of roads as we can see across the Mediterranean strip.

Its flowers can have different colors like yellow, red, white, pink or even variegated with multiple colors.

The baladre can reproduce by seed, however reproduction by cuttings is much easier and normally used.

There are sayings with baladre like "You're worst than baladre ..."

Curiously extracted from wikipedia in Japan after the Hiroshima bomb this was the first plant to bloom.




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