Parsley (Petroselinum sativum)

Everyone knows the parsley? To grow parsley should not necessarily own a garden or be a farmer, in a 5 litter pot parsley can be necessary to consume a family at home and the best part is that we can go for about 2 €, so you have no excuse to not have at home always fresh parsley.

What we have in the kitchen or just on our balcony next to our ferns, and stands up very well to the high and low temperatures, so you can get in most places of the Spanish geography, resists the places with high altitude and multiplies rapidly, we can always enjoy fresh parsley throughout the year.


Parsley benefits

Parsley contains a lot of vitamin C and A

It has antioxidant qualities necessary to prevent aging of the skin, heart and circulation problems.

It is a natural anti inflammatory, hence it is recommended for patients with rheumatism.

Highly recommended for people suffering anemic problems because it has lots of iron, as a curiosity, an omelette with parsley 20 grams is equivalent to eating the same iron with 500 g steak.


Parsley utilities

Garnish plates, but tell that to Karlos Arguiñano...

In a heavy digestion with a glass of water boiled parsley relieves stomach.

Chopped parsley with a little garlic and olive oil make a plate of grilled fish much more appetizing.

One trick for chopping parsley, fresh always chose branches and a whole green, wash them well and get into a freezer bag, we left a couple of hours in the freezer, and in the same bag squeeze the bag and the same parsley is well chopped and ready for consumption.