Want a hardy plant?


The genere of basil comprises more than 160 species, all with superplant resistance, and the story began more than five years, this time has the seedling with me ...

It was a great gift, I love plants, but mysteriously all ended badly, some by watering too, other by watering little, until they fell and never bloomed.

Here is the plant that gave me, as we say in Valencia (Spain) "Alfabega"


An aromatic plant with many uses in cooking, medicine, repelling mosquito... and the great survivor.

It all started well, the plant was beautiful, also requires a lot of water, so that you can water all you want ...

Then the summer came, very hot, the plant was in East on my balcony, where 1 p.m is suning  ... and one day was dry and wrinkled leaves, then watered it quickly and in an hour the plant again have a vitality and color enviable ... miracle, the plant resurrects.

The truth, it endures anything, sun, cold, dryness, humidity ... if you're not really skilled for plants and want to have the world's easiest plant I recommend purchasing a basil, you will not regret, also you can do with leaves snails finger lickin!!

If you know just as easy plants help us to make them known, tell us your experiences in This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.