Spanish flag plant

Typically called Spanish flag, but as you can see in the photo there are lots of colors.

The Spanish flag is scientifically known as Lantana camara Verbenaceae family.

This plant is native to tropical and subtropical America.

This plant is widespread in the Spanish gardens, typically identified by the yellow and red of the flowers as its common name,  Spanish Banderita.

It is an evergreen shrub that can grow in pots or in the ground directly. It will reach a height of two feet and five feet.

It is a fast growing plant, so that before long we will have a beautiful plant in our garden with some flowers beautifully colorful and durable.

We can find many flowers Banderitas colors to highlight the completely yellow, white, pink, red .... on the other hand will create endless combinations of these colors, because the flags as you can see in the picture regions differ in their colored flowers give a touch even if it is more special.

The location of our flag is not the most important, we place it in full sun or partial shade, but appreciate a good amount of light.

With our Mediterranean climate thrives the flag and splendor, is sensitive to cold, we try not to suffer too much during the colder months.

As we said before, we can grow it in pots or in the ground directly because it is a plant that does not need too well paid and supports the lack of water.

We will plant reproduce by seed in early spring or get woody cuttings in autumn after flowering.

It is resistant but still may suffer common pests and diseases such as spiders, woodlice ... it is best in each case inquire about symptoms that can present our plant.