Zantedeschia aethiopica, a plant for beginners

The creeks or water lilies are one of my favorite plants. Contrary to what happens to many people I like watering plants and often just having trouble excess water. If it happens like me, this will not be a problem, we have found our ideal plant, white water lilies. We can if you want to plant them in a bucket with water, they will be glad.

They are originate in South Africa, is cultivated on a large scale for ornamental use, for its beautiful flowers, which as you curiosity i tell you the flowers are called "husks".

It is an ideal plant for ponds, because as we said before we can grow it in a pot or partially submerged in water, having planted roots submerged in water.

They love the sun, but it is preferable to have a position in partial shade, even in an area shaded light but will look splendid.

We should not worry too much about the temperature, it is possible that if we keep them outside it appears that we have lost them but re-sprout from the soil in spring, it really is a semi-aquatic plant easiest thing we can find.

Once, I bought some tiny roses and the next day the green aphid had plump for, I do not experience anything like this ever happen to the coves, are some plants that have no pest problems or bugs, in contrast, will remain forever clean and attractive. All we can find if we have them in a garden is some snail in it because they love them, but as the snail will neglect the paella.

The cleats can be multiplied by seed or root separation. The flowers make a small yellow balls that we could bury to produce a news plant.

On the other hand if we separate a piece of root to stem and planted some plants will continue to grow.

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