Miniature pumpkins

Some time ago who was behind these mini pumpkins, and I finally decided through www.ebay.com buy seeds that cost me less than a euro. I sent them from Gran Canaria and the truth is that I was very good.

The plant before summer and late summer had lots of decorating pumpkins. They are a cuteness, chiquitinas and decorative.

You can eat the fact i did some with sugar in the microwave, but have very little meat and not worth it, they have nothing to do withthe taste of real pumpkins, so, let's be clear and in writing that these pumpkins are not for eating.

The garden looked like the worlds of liliput, here you have some new pictures that I made during the collection.

I can not say much more, as experience is fine, but it is to serve this for long ... except to try something new. Still I have to house some of them sequita, but little more.

The plant grows enough, so if you have no much better place than not have planted, because you have to set up a booth and everything to go well.