Undoubtedly strawberries are delicious, it would be a Saturday morning at home without a toast and a rich strawberry jam ... or some strawberries with butterfat... that rich!

Sometimes often have a high price, even surpassing the  6 € Kg , that's because not many long, are usually the first to be collected there in March, although the greenhouse cultivation can enjoy throughout the year.


In Spain where nowadays we can find the largest strawberry plantations  in areas of Huelva and Murcia, which employ more than 100,000 people during the months of March to June.

Taking care of this fruit is much more delicate than it seems, to be a very low ground is very prone to catch diseases, fungi and parasites, so you should be very careful, for it must also rid the plantation poor growing herbs using pesticides, excessive moisture creates the appearance of fungi, which is preferable for planting is very well ventilated to appear fungi that can harm the plant and production.


Because the plant’s morphology, its collection can not be automated as is done with maize, wheat or rice in passing a harvester, harvesting of strawberries must be manually throughout and in our opinion is the most hard as it should go crouching throughout the working day and the back end that suffers. Spain is the second country worldwide strawberry producer behind the United States.


If we go to a supermarket or a market to buy strawberries when we set ourselves above all they are firm to the touch, the softer the discard, with no stains and have a uniform color, is a fruit that matures overnight most once plucked from the plant, also to keep in mind is that many people buy strawberries thinking they are strawberries, very careful not deceive us when buying strawberries, strawberries do not usually exceed the size of about 4-5 cm. while the strawberry can be twice as big


They are rich in C vitamin very beneficial to our immune system, ideal for people who need to lose weight because they are very high in water content, have a diuretic effect

It is considered as an aphrodisiac symbol themselves already know sorprend your partner one day with some strawberries after a good dinner with good wine and you know ...


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