The small farmer is in the latest


Today the agricultural market is very bad, are eliminating subsidies, raising prices of products as feed for livestock, farming products as fertilizers, pesticides, and do not want to talk about the price of fuel, four years ago the price the diesel B was about 55 cents, is now hovering almost 1 €, regarding fishing or fishing bans count between fuel price and almost better to stay home than go out fishing.

The small farmer is in the past, is a clear example:

From a field of peaches estimated annual production of 15,000 kg, if you give it to a shop to collect it all end up paying about 45 cents per kg besides collecting good gauge only, the small sized remain hanging on the tree, of those 15,000 Kg then be trivialized by % as waste by the fly chopped fruit, fruit that does not reach the caliber ... To be left to the farmer, only 10,000 kg Misery! !

Not to mention the price of orange, this winter we saw in the news a field of oranges from a farmer in Alzira area with more than 120 waterlogged oranges came to the cooperative, the cooperative they reaped what is to deduct the wages of the pickers, well, the end of all the 'party' going and it turns out the farmer had a debt to the cooperative 3800 €, one year caring for fruit, investing time and money and then to the time to see some benefit above have more expenses, such as very indignant farmer said, 'I prefer to stay in the hanging tree', with a production of 40,000 kg of oranges goes and still have to take money out of your pocket.

Where's the benefit, because here is the problem, which makes money is the intermediary, who buys for 20 and sells  to 100, all in one morning while poor farmer, working hard all year for nothing, in Valencia the price a Kg of clementines oranges are paid to the farmer just 0,15 €, while in London a fruit we can find four pounds, about 6 €. 40 times the price ... do not think it's worth both the trip Valencia - London ...

Well as this continues, the small and medium farmers will end up drowning in expenses, not to mention they import from other countries having here a product of superior quality....

Please a wareness all always purchasing a local product, can will work and benefits to those most needed.


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