What good they are, fried, roasted, salted, in any dish ... The pepper is one of the most worldwide consumed vegetables, in Spain were introduced back in 1493 after Columbus' first voyage to the Americas, originate in South America and we have all sizes, shapes and colors, small, elongated, square, nearly round, greens, reds, yellows, browns ... And also of all nationalities Mexicans, Italians ... We got even erotic sweet or spicy! !



Provide a rich source of Vitamin C, have too few calories because they are composed primarily of water, and possess vitamin A-B1, B2, B3, B6.



The first thing you should do is pick peppers planting the variety, can go to a specialty shop and buy a packet of seeds, it can cost us around 2-3 € per package where they can go hundreds of seeds and we can also used for other years. If you do not want to pay money we can get any pepper seeds we have at home, to do this we will open it and empty it seeds, clean it with water and let it dry wrapped in a paper towel, the next day we planted

Now that we have the seed you will be planting next if we have ground much better than in a pot, will have more ground to feed.

To plant them easily, we need to water the soil of moisture, then make a hole with your finger in the soil about 3-6 cm. deep and put 2 seeds per hole, cover the hole and wait for them to grow our peppers, if the soil contains fertilizer much better but not need to invest in fertilizers is a plant that grows very few substrates.

Very to consider, the plant supports very low temperatures there are planted from March to September, although today with peppers greenhouses enjoyed throughout the year since we planted them until we started to have peppers can get to spend three months, you usually get from 6-15 peppers per plant under normal conditions.


Collection / selection

For your collection will cut the pepper in the end that connects it to the plant, being careful not to break the stem of the plant as it is very delicate

If we buy the peppers a fruit or a large area that we look at the piece that joins it to the plant is dry or wrinkled, it indicates that it takes time extracted from the plant and choose those that look hard and compact, good quality sign



On the Web friend www.recetaycocina.com you can find many recipes for dishes, sandwiches, stews and salads with peppers.


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