Broad beans

Broad beans or Vicia Faba L, comes from the East approached, and was used by the Romans.

It's a plant that does not tolerate the frost, frost causes the leaves to burn and turn black and their inner fruit in many areas are planted during the months of February to April, in a couple of months of 2 to 3 and we can enjoy a rich bean omelette, only we have to worry that the plant does not lack water.

The first crops are the highest paid, with prices from 1.5 € to 2 € per kilo, have to be every 2 or 3 taking off in good weather because they grow very quickly


The land must be wrought, well-aerated for sows, the bean is planted about 4-5 cm in a hole in the ground, we can do it with the same finger, leave a gap of about 40 - 50 cm between plants.

It plants a dry broad bean that we have left over from the last planting, the bigger is better, when are planted we must immediately irrigate the field to take moisture and broad bean sprout and begin to root in soil

The most important thing is to keep the facility free of herbs around to not take away from the plant food


Varieties cultivated in Spain

Muchamiel: The favorite in the levant area

Grenadine: One of the most resistant to low temperatures.

Mahon: The most resistant to periods of drought.


Recipes with broad beans:

Bean Tortilla

Scrambled broad beans with garlic

Beans with ham

Broad beans with chorizo

Paella beans, garlic and cod, scrumptious.

Sandwich broad beans with sausages , tipical spanish!

Braised broad beans

Broad beans with bacon and onion

Dry broad beanas a snack with a cold beer and some olives ...



In Murcia take them as an appetizer, in many bars have a habit of taking a plate of broad beans (unpeeled) and the people who come to eat lunch or take them as an appetizer

Planting should waning moon like garlic, the crescent moon or full moon can make the broad beans out of the hole, no joke.

Pythagoras hated broad beans, while fleeing from persecution enemy was not able to cross a field of broad beans because of the hatred they had and it cost him his life



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