Let's build a homemade composter

If you have a small garden or yard, the composter is a great idea to generate your own compost, we recycle pace, it consist? Organic farming?

Let's try to take stock of both the advantages and disadvantages of manufacturing composter as we buy one already made of plastic as the photo.

Advantages of the composter in the garden:

. - We ourselves organic compost and manufactured by ourselves.

. - We are proud to pollute less ... but it turns out that they are not contaminated lemon skins.

. - We will work with the company that manufactures compost ... you also have to live those making compost ... but we will be removing the fertilizer selling ...

. - If we have reptiles at home ... Fly free ..

. - If you have some time, then every time we ride a pot of flowers we put some trash.

Disadvantages of the composter in the garden:

. - We houseflies culture and drosophias to bore ... especially when you lift up the lid, common dragons will be our best allies, there will be 2 or 3 good thick hanging.

. - We can have unwanted visitors like mice ...

. - A bag of fertilizer worth very little ... if bought in some horse manure block with 5 $ we get 5 sacks ... then for money is not.

. - A space occupied ... depends on the size of the garden we import more or less.

. - The composter today is not tomorrow, it will take months to get some compost.

Advantages of making ourselves the composter:

. - The Plastic composter if you charge a lot, with some sand will burst (I attest to this) and we will have to throw.

. - If we do well we can be pride of our ability to build homemade things.

. - We can relax making the composter

. - Acordaros to make holes to breathe

Disadvantages of making us a home composter:

. - If we are not very hands be a bit shoddy and we can not complain ...

. - The weather today is not what plenty more ...

. - Could think of something more useful ... like riding an automatic irrigation system, which would save money and that if would improve ...

Well, I hope we balance each ours ... I'm all for anyone who wants a composter in his garden.



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