Prohibited plants in Spain


In Spain there is a list of plants that despite its natural benefits are strictly prohibited.

And when we wonder why are several answers, such as something completely natural and beneficial is completely forbidden?

The truth is that everything moves as a fully economic interest someone must like him not to resort to natural medicine and prefer to have to pay for a drug, who is behind all this, as large pharmaceutical companies, no doubt.

A drug companies are not interested in losing this piece of cake, what they do is patenting as its active ingredient, a natural plant can not be patented, the outlawing of there in certain countries and then sell us their active ingredient as drugs, that's where they take the piece of cake that we speak.

Crean also carry other drugs if principles are harmful to man when the original plant is not harmful to humans, the pharmaceutical companies are not interested in the cure, but the almost heal, here is the real benefit to them.

Governments often pressured by the mighty power of the pharmaceutical companies make huge economic benefits and these in turn with the prohibition of the sale of the natural plant every year pocketing billions of euros

As everything moves money sadly this is the true reality to which we are exposed every day, because selling a plant to 5 € can sell a drug derived from the same plant at 50 €.

Take a look at this video of farmer Joseph Pamies worth investing 30 minutes



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