The wild leek, an edible plant

Almost nothing is healthier than a walk in the countryside ... if you know what others do not know ... see what others do not see ...

There are many species of plants and animals around us, so many go unnoticed this plant as a bush more, but it really is not, is a wild leek, Allium ampeloprasum.

During the months of March-April we may collect the buried part of this plant with culinary reasons.

If extort from the base plant, care that some collections are very strong podreis few leeks and make you a good omelet. Sure that you will find helpful www.recetaycocina.com some leeks tortilla recipe worth putting in a sandwich.

Here we put another picture so you can see Leek as the stem.

As you can see are a few bulbs of garlic-like, all the little ones and let them clean up the burial, will return this form out and we can collect more plants at another time.

Greetings to all lovers of the countryside.