Rebollones 2014


From Naturebrain should be noted that we are real geeks in Lactarius deliciosus or rebollones. Every year can boast some of the best food of our forests. No doubt that this 2014 will be a good year for collecting rebollones, no doubt. But we wonder why it is necessary for a good collection of rebollones? Here you have some answers.

During the month of August must have rained, this August and took more than an afternoon storm, the typical summer storm spoils our evening pool in the village but then when it comes in October ... thank you.

Last year must have been a good year, the more rebollones previous year have been in more spores have been scattered over the mountain and the more likely to grow our prized fungus.

The land, the land sloped not withstand moisture as well as flat land, our fungus need moisture to grow. The shaded areas are the most suitable for the growth of this fabulous product especially that north face of mountains.

In future articles we will show you some places of the Spanish geography where we can find our precious treasure.


Greetings and good harvest year.


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