Spain is a country that smells like garlic 'said David Beckham’s woman’. Yes, and proud of it. Garlic is an indispensable food in the Mediterranean diet besides having many properties, which would be a sauce without garlic, some broad beans with ham without garlic... 

Now in January-February is when it starts with planting garlic, but as planting? That care needs?



To plant garlic the first thing that we have are dry garlic, separate the garlic head and we are left with the most beautiful, avoiding having to take the center of the head which are usually smaller, once you have the garlic, the next we must prepare is the ground, we can spread manure before and tilling for this well aerated and loose. 

Now that we have the ground ready, following in the seeding process will be to make the ridges, is to make small mounds of earth in a straight line there to plant garlic.


Now we can start planting garlic, garlic is planted at a distance from each other of about 15 to 20 cm. More or less what has become a palm of the hand, to plant must make a hole with your finger about 6-10 cm. And sink the garlic in the ground, it is important garlic tip facing up, then covered ground (not too tight) and we have planted garlic. 

Now we can irrigate it for the first time and start taking care of our harvest.

If there is no ground, as a hobby can be planted even in a pot on the terrace of the house.



Do not need much care, we must check they grow once a week, if a boil grows around it, if not eliminate eat soil nutrients and garlic not grow stronger.

Depending on the weather and terrain with a weekly irrigate is enough, we should not over water because it can cause rotting garlic.



If we have tender garlic, we can pluck when the plant is about 25 cm high , and a maximum fat finger on about 3 months from planting

If we want to be left dry garlic plant grow and wait for it to form the head, dry leaves and flower, this process will take at least a 5-6 months since they were planted, depending on the climate of the area.


Garlic utilities

In kitchen have plenty of utilities to add to stir-fries, garlic scratch with tomato olive oil and salt…

On agriculture is used to repel some pests like aphids and fungi, crushed garlic and water is added, keep all marinate in a tightly sealed plastic container about two weeks, then extract the resulting liquid and add one tablespoon per 5 litters of water with a spray dispenser to let our plants once a week and to keep pests and insects




Garlic must be planted always waning moon, the moon can make the garlic will leave holes.

Garlic is Asian, no Spanish

To peel garlic it'll hit him with the palm of your hand and crush it, then peel much better

If garlic is fried more, then bitter


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