Foxtail - Ceratophyllum

As you can see ... there is some excess plants. I got the great idea to put two sprigs or cuttings foxtail floating in my tank and filled fully.

The foxtail or Cerathophillum is a very easy plant to maintain accepts any parameter , from soft water to hard water , this aquarium is alkaline with 2 parts water and 3 parts of osmosis.

In reference to temperature is a plant that goes perfectly with temperatures between 5 º C and 30 º C , if you are in an area with lots of light stalks and leaves much more thick and dense , it will almost like a cypress ... perhaps somewhat exaggerated but I really notice the difference from the plants you see in the picture most of them younger than 2 months.

It is an ideal plant for fry as it creates a perfect space to be lost in a cloud of leaves and the adult specimens not eat them.

No need to plant them , I have them floating in the aquarium , even if they have a small root through which the substrate can be fed .

For your pruning just Cut a piece and she will open up new stems filling the aquarium with a minimum lighting conditions and food.