Now that we are in December, is a very special time of year, Christmas. If you are planning to buy a tree and decorate it in this article are some ideas you can take advantage.


Look well first of all your budget; there are natural or artificial trees.

 artificial  natural


A natural pine or fir tree you can find it from 25 €, certainly in much nicer than an artificial one, choose this if your budget allows, once you can look past Christmas and plant it in your garden or if not have a place to locate it can lead to a plant nursery or re-transplanted anywhere, never tires nor abandon him once after Christmas, remember it is a living tree.

You can also buy an artificial tree and be able to take advantage of every year, there are trees from 15 €.

If you have decided, measure earlier where you want to locate, to get an idea of the dimensions that the tree must have.

If you have already decided and is a natural tree, choose when you go to buy one that is not too dry, you'll know right away, hit a little branches and see leaves do not fall, if fall many discarded the tree and find another, recalls that need cold, at home not put near to a heat source such as radiators or stoves, are trees that need more cold than heat. Secure it well, with a large pot put stones in the bottom to drain well, then place a layer of soil with compost (can advise you well in the place where you bought it) and cover it well, then water it, remember that being indoors need more water because it will dry faster.


If is an artificial tree lot and take their stand to mount it, will always be much nicer if you ride in a pot that in a metal support.

When decorating it, whether natural or artificial tree, the first thing is to start with the lights, if not a very tall tree, if you hang vertically lights will not seem so short, if I recommend a tall tree you put the lights horizontally. Remember, going to spend much time with the lights on, so even if you do not, you can find LED lights with low energy bulbs, you can save some € on your electricity bill. Check first that if all the lights work, does not go to mount everything and turn it on and not work, remember that you can take a year stored.

Once mounted lights, ornaments begins to mount the note before buying the ornaments as your tree, a large tree with small ornaments barely see, while if they are large ornaments on a small tree will not see the tree.

Once you have put the larger ornaments at the bottom, the centre downward, especially those that reflect the lights, will give much more volume to tree leaves to the highest point the children. You can always go to a Christmas market to buy or choose an ornament and hang out with family.

Distribute the colours well, like a Christmas tree is not an abstract painting.

Put boxes covered with wrapping paper (ideal reds) or a gifts to hide the pot, or a blanket with Christmas decorations, will give more volume to the tree.


Once assembled, turn it on and see how it is OK, ask for more opinions to your partner, children, family ...

And remember; take the opportunity to do it with your children, couple or family.


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