2013 almond production

This year 2013 the production of almonds in the Spanish territory has diminished considerably over the last year, around 30% less production.


We've gone from about 46,000 tonnes in 2012 to about 32,000 tons this 2013, the problem has been produced by frost in the months of February and March and April mists, almond been resent to frost and has not taken any the flower that should have thrown.


If we add that we were dragging a period of drought and the almond was already weak, it has rained when not playing causing pollinate not as expected because of the rains this year have lost around 14,000 tonnes with respect to 2012


For the farmer this is not really that bad, which has managed to retain and sell later has won more than last year due to higher prices per Kg. last year hovered about 2.8 € / Kg medium and this year are hovering around the 4.3 € / Kg


Those who are going to notice the price increase are the consumers; almond products will increase the price this year and next 2014.