The art of collecting orange


A scissors or tiled, ‘alicatadas’ .... To my knowledge the oranges are not harvested with pliers, the ‘alicatadas’ technique is used in which the orange picker or 'collidor ' as in many Mediterranean towns are called, oranges cut the branches of the trees with the help of a scissors, this technique is used to avoid damaging the fruit and have a nice view at the end is what sells. Mainly used with small orange varieties (Clemenvilla, Satsuma…)



The oranges come out totally clean, no branch spikes that can damage other oranges.


You lose time collecting having to go every orange ‘alicatadas’, cut with scissors


A pull ‘tiron’, as the name suggests is used to start the orange pull the branch that unites , not a dry heave, it must take the fruit and pull while twisting to release the orange clean. If you become a part in the tree and see the inside of the orange is called 'despezonada' and that orange is useless for consumption. This technique is used to big orange varieties ( navelina , lane- late ... )


The orange usually buy eye or weight

Figure appears almost disappeared from the weigher or ‘pesador’ which ensures that each crate of oranges to rise the truck has the same weight, this usually charge a % per drawer or hourly , while most of ' collidors ' will piecework , many drawers at the end of the day / many ' collidors ' = daily wage


Made the law has a loophole

Many collectors or ' collidors ' are ordered to collect the orange tiled but to go faster and make more money working in the day, the catch to pull, to control them is responsible for the figure of the foreman or ' cavo de cuadrilla ' which is generally an experienced man and is responsible for displacing the ' collidors ' from field to field to collect the orange.


Then there is the figure of the owner of the field who complains that ‘despezonan’ many , the truck has broken the branches of some trees to get to charge the drawers , the ' collidors ' tread on the tires will drip to cut oranges , which tomato stolen some of which had planted, we have left all the shit lunch in a corner of the field .... Finally a fun morning going to collect oranges


Curiosities about orange world.

The ‘collidors’ ranging earn much money, the days that are put to work from sunrise to sunset yes, there are days when you get up at 5:30 to go to the field to work, and put to work in the 13.00 and earn just 15€ after 12 hours away from home, there are days when it rains and do not leave home (but have the bad habit of eating every day)

There are occasions when the owner comes out most profitable field to stay hanging on the tree to be harvested, it cost more than they are worth collecting oranges in the market, and unfortunately this actually happens.


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