Rebollones 2013

This October promises to rebollones lovers.

There are a dime a dozen, there have been rains in August required to take field moisture and start growing these coveted fungi.

The afternoon storms this August we have deprived many to go to the pool and play the game of cards with friends while drinking coffee, but as you say 'who wants something, something hard'.

In one afternoon two people 2 baskets with more than 6 kg of rebollones ... investment also takes hours and years to have locate some good places where you can find them ....

Yes, the places we all reserve for another article ...

If you are fans of this fungus, be attentive from naturebrain news from this October, if the weather holds and leaves us, we promise news with the best places to get

Prepare the boots, the basket and the knife this year 2013 sure eat good rebollones.