List of edible mushrooms 1

White mushroom poplar: common species in long strides of old or dead trees as poplars. Sombrerillos have shaped and are in a group, with thin stalk. Pleasant taste and odor.

Pine Ticket: sweet taste, their flesh is compact and whitish pink under his shell. It has a thick stem and cylindrical in cream-brown, the glass is thick and wide brownish-red tone.

Mushroom field: their flesh is thick and white, with shades of gray on the blades. Can be cooked in various ways. Y are attached in groups.

Níscalo: rovellones is commonly called, prized for its flavor. It is common in the wetlands, pine forests, in summer and autumn. Best for its abundance is the rain.

St. George's Mushroom: Many experts consider him the best food. It has a white hat-cream, although there are others that have a color like bread crust. The flesh is white, firm yet tender.

Finally before following article some tips:

- Do not pick all the mushrooms and the spores are liberated and proliferate.

- Cut them with a knife, and not mess up the soil for the next season.