Burning rice straw

Something very characteristic to October in Valencia, was the burning of rice straw that way already knew that the harvest had been gathered.

But since a few years ago the European Union ban such burning, many solutions have been sought which occurred in the beginning I was leaving the straw to one side and then pick her up, which is more expensive for farmers and above causes the oxygen is removed from the water, with the consequences of occurrence lake pollution and fish kills.

A few years ago the Polytechnic University of Valencia began conducting studies which showed that methane was produced more straw leaving aside that burning, although the study is not finished, but what everyone hopes is that when it is conclusively can send to the European Union and give permission to return has run the burning of straw.

Meanwhile farmers exceptionally ask for this year, mostly due to the rains let them do the burning of straw in flooded areas.

I hope you have enjoyed these articles on rice.