Rice varieties and uses


We have many and each serves to perform the dishes that we remain more savory or more colorful, depends on what you're going to cook will use one or the other.


We begin with the round grain: it is a small size so it cooks faster and has starch, is perfect for making risotto with mushrooms or the typical rice pudding.


Then there is the basmati rice: This is the long thin grain, which is cooked by letting loose grains and whole comes very well for use as an accompaniment to meat dishes or Oriental dishes like curry.


Next we have the brown rice, it is a dark color as it retains the hull or bran, baking is very slow because of the shell about 45 min., Is perfect for diets and also very rich in vitamins and fiber.


Another well-known to those who do not like cooking is steaming: This looks similar to basmati,, the difference is that neither passed nor sticks, for special treatment is, the trouble is it does not absorb the flavors ingredients.


And finally there is the sticky: when boiled or baked gets stuck, as it has a lot of starch, is often used to make sushi.


In the next post, Valencia rice class with designation of origin.