Valencia rice varieties



First we have the rice variety Bomba: is short grain, color pearl and consistent look. You can increase two to three times its initial size of the grain. This type of rice needs more water than other long-grain, grains thus tend to have the same shape after cooking. It is usually one of the most expensive among Spanish rice, and those who have are more traditional pump Silla (Valencia) and Pego (Alicante). It is the perfect rice for paella.


Second we Senia rice variety: it is medium or semi-long grain and has valence designation of origin. Is a bit sticky rice after cooking leaves a creamy texture must be watched during cooking because it has little resistance to this and is generally passed, unlike the pump, which is very good for this rice which has a large capacity absorption of food flavor. It is perfect for dry rice or mellow.


And third and finally the Bahia rice variety: it is medium or semi-long grain, some is grown in Valencia and also has the appellation. It is very similar to the variety Senia. It also has a great power to absorb flavors either meat or fish. Glutinous rice is not like the Sénia the difference is that this does not leave a creamy texture, it is loose rice.