Aquarius trunks Cure

The aquarium decor is an important part of the aquarium and the logs are the basis of many aquariums.

We can make ourselves a spectacular trunks, using more common plant species vine or vineyard.

We must wait until the time of pruning or when we know somewhere in vineyards that have ripped strains, there you have to choose the more we like.

The let dry thoroughly.

The will put a jerrycan or bucket of water to soak for a few days

Now will clean well with a brush to remove all traces of soil that may have

Then we need to boil it a few times

Finally we leave to soak for about 15 days until we see that is ready to put the aquarium.

We hope that you find some logs pretty.

Often the best way to spend a weekend is to change the decoration of the aquarium.



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