The rain, good for some and bad for others.

As well the saying goes, it never rains to everyone's taste, is absolutely right.

Today we woke up in Valencia with rain, it's Thursday and gives forecasts of rain through Sunday. Farmers are happy as these rains in April are very beneficial for fruit such as peaches, pears, grapes ... But restaurateurs from the beach and downtown cafes not feel the same way, a weekend of bad weather will greatly affect the time to have benefits to make ends meet.

For the field it is best natural rainfall, much better than no control irrigation water leading, if pesticides, phosphates, dirt and all that goes into our fields, natural rain is always beneficial for our crops (provided they fall in moderation) ... There is a saying in April every drop is worth a thousand, it is completely true. The rains during April give that extra push to the ground to prepare for what comes up during the peak heat months from June to September, in addition to filling our wetlands and fill water for this summer now thus saving from not having to waste water from reservoirs.

But as mentioned before not always please everyone rains in the area goes well, if during the grape harvest rains as well as reduce the level of the juice can reach the grapes rot if hail fell in just 5 minutes can wreck a field of peaches, and the work of a year lost in 5 minutes. If is a water pump and fall 100 liters in a day almost makes more damage for the country, much better than those falling 100 liters spread over several days, so the field gives you time to absorb and take moisture from the other way water carries everything in its path.

In short, whenever the rain falls in moderation is beneficial for our fields