Those of us who love animals we also like to make jokes, usually very bad, but we entenemos and laughed together. Normally the love of animals is linked to a sophisticated and profound sense of humor .... ha ha.

Well, here you have some of the best:

These are two friends getting together with dogs and one had a purebred german shepherd, who spoke perfect German, champion of all contests that had participated, winner of all fights between dogs ... come on, one of a kind, the guy does not even know what was spent on train and another friend and wearing a puny chiuhuahua despeluchao with bulging eyes with sparse look and tells the Chiuahua the other, "I make a bet" if my Goliath fight with yours wins by a landslide and give me 10,000 Euros, and the other laughs and says, but man, my dog is much dog for that rat, if you tell me that your dog is King of the peel of parakeets good, but against my german shepherd .... Overall, it gets so pesao that ultimately accepts the German Shepherd and Chihuahua and drop to open a metro and a half ago Zas, bang, bang and swallows the German Shepherd. The poor owner gets shattered, half crying and not knowing what to say and tells the friend's chihuahua, but dude ... You know I had the dough I spent on this German Shepherd? In train in train him ... and the other answers ... if you knew your dough I've spent on plastic surgery for me my alligator! hahahahahaha

Here's another very good:

Enter a dude in a pet shop and tells the owner that wanted a parrot, but who was under total budget begins to teach parrots the store owner and told everyone what to ... because this parrot speaks English, worth 6,000 euros, the other parrot can add and subtract and worth 10,000 euros, this one is worth 12,000 and knows answer the phone ... and the client sees a parrot in a corner and sickly half pelao dying and says, hey, what about that much is it? and the owner answered ... phew, that is worth 50,000 euros and asks the guy that milks And does that? and the owner tells him I have no idea ... but others call it the head parrots, hahaha.



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