The moscatell mistela

The preparation is very simple, the Moscatel is a type of white grape with a graduation around the 11-13 degrees that after getting the juice once pressed grape juice obtained this is mixed with alcohol until a ranking of about 15 degrees, let it ferment a couple of weeks in huge vats of several thousand litters and is a rich delight.


Is usually taken in several ways.

The classic ' Barrejat ' leading mistela with cazalla and equally, take cold.

Alone, the mistela after coffee with sweet ( always cold )


Be especially careful with this type of sweet drinks that goes very well but we are drinking a drink with 15 degrees and when we realize the folly we are drunk…


If you like this typical Valencian drink we recommend that you go for the people of Montserrat , just 25 km from the city of Valencia and its cooperative to purchase an mistela bottle, besides being delicious is a good gift and special to bring to a dinner with friends. This cooperative particular we have open all days of the week except Monday morning


As they say in my village ' Salut i força en el canut '.