Common varieties of nougat


The classic nougat (the one with almonds and hard)


The soft nougat or also known as Xixona


Nougat fruit (coconut, raspberry, pear, grapes and a thousand varieties)


Pure chocolate nougat, chocolate and hazelnut, hazelnuts and liqueur


Marzipan nougat


Truffle nougat


Nougat with nuts



Newer varieties of nougat:


Nougat with pistachios


Coffee Nougat


Nougat with fruits (lemon, strawberry, orange, kiwi, cherries)


Nougat with condensed milk


Raisin Nougat


We can find countless varieties of nougat but classic is classic, which is a good nougat (the almond and hard) or a soft (Xixona) to take off the nonsense that if lemon or orange condensed milk to that summer is ice cream.


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