Best places to train dogs

Animal lovers are walking with our dog in the countless parks and special places for walking with dogs, not that it is a bad practice, but there are plenty of places to walk and train our dog.


Abandoned quarries preferred by the naturebrain team for our pet rocky, sand quarries usually appear slopes ideal for strengthening the limbs of our animal, not many stones, is soft and suitable place for our dog to play and have fun. An afternoon with its favourite ball and secure sleeping in one go overnight. For active breeds is highly recommended this practice at least once a week. Be careful in summer to be a hole in ground, hitting the sun and wind had not the animal is dehydrated much more, you must go with the pet at a reasonable hour to prevent heatstroke


A garden where the dog is free is recommended for our animal, to be outside the dog strengthens its defences and is immune to many diseases that a dog that lives in an apartment building 23 hours a day locked.


Agility, can cost us money but we'll be surrounded by peers and professionals we can learn many things, not an expense but an investment.


The beach, in summertime of course is forbidden dog friendly but in the months of November to March, on beaches no one is a good place to throw the ball and run on the sand.


The mountain, so far is totally free and if we can we bring savvy even occasional edible mushroom (rebollones , boletus)


The important thing is having a good time with your pet and enjoys what nature has to offer us.