Christmas plants

A month and a half just to get Christmas this 2013 here you have a list of typical plants that adorn our homes every Christmas


The fir can be found from five feet to over 4 meters in length. If you decide to buy it and do not have a garden where the end of January transplanting can take it to a vivarium plant (you can give some money) or plant it in the bush, never leave it in the trash container .


Classic poinsettia, special care with drafts and heat from the radiators if we want to hold until Christmas .


Mistletoe, but is considered a toxic plant a twig behind the gateway will not affect anyone, provided that a considerable height from reaching to catch the smallest of the house and our pets, in large quantities intake can produce vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain, seizures , hypotension.


Holly, the latter much less named and more difficult to achieve because in Spain is protected and is not allowed to take it from the mountains, not banned its sale but the catch of the mountains yes.