Lovebird Species

When you come to an unfamiliar world anything seems great, but when you've seen many times you think boring ... that's part of our genetic inheritance.

The lovebirds are an exciting world, are a small sized parakeets with colors and sympathetic character.

How many species of lovebirds are there? I've seen lovebirds is blue, yellow, black, green ... and you need to know ...

There are nine different species of lovebirds

Agapornis cana

Agapornis personata

Agapornis fischeri

Agapornis pullaria

Agapornis taranta

Agapornis swindernianus

Agapornis roseicollis

Agapornis nigrigennis

Lilian's Lovebird

Some species are common, the three most common are rosiecolli, personata and fischer.

Then we have some more rare as the cane, and nigrigennis pullaria

And then we have some impossible, as swindernianus that except a couple of pictures to see them succeed not.

These are the Agapornis species we can find, then we can see lovebird species yellow, green, blue, white ...

These are mutations that exist for each species, which give hues of color to these beautiful parrots.