Hachiko the faithful dog

Today I will talk about a movie that teaches us the loyalty of a dog to his master, the film is titled Hachiko, always by your side. The movie is about a college professor is what a puppy akita train station and keeps it.
  As time passes and becomes larger the dog starts to follow him to the station, where the master takes the train to go to work, then come home and be a while before the train arrives back, escapes home and will wait for the station, that makes for years, until one day the master does not return from work because he has died, and is waiting at the station, until her daughter picks him up and takes him home but Hachiko runs away from home and returns to the station the next day to wait for his master, the process is done every day until just living in the station.
As the years pass just dying Hachiko at the station, waiting for its owner.
This film is based on a true story, in fact the station there is a bronze statue in his honor, in honor of a dog's loyalty to his master.