The dogs and the cats

The coexistence between dogs and cats is possible, you shall answer some, but if you can live with.
Everyone thinks that dogs are born with the instinct to chase the cats to hunt, but it is not. The dog that instinct comes out after a cat approached and that this would have scratched so begins the enmity only dog with the cat.
Instead the enmity of the cat with the dog if it is from birth, because look bigger, and when the dog approaches the cat to sniff and play with it, the body signals having the dog are totally different from those of cat, so he attacks.
What we must do if we want our dog to get along with a cat that will live in our home or in the family, is to introduce the cat when he is calm and lying down, we should know that the cat will soon want to approach the cat to play with it and smell it, but we should not let him do it, try the dog is submissive and the cat slowly approaching, when he arises the curiosity without forcing it, otherwise we will have the opposite effect. If the dog is well behaved when the cat beside her, without trying to chase him to play and let the cat sniff, we must congratulate Only by this means that the cat is a friend and not an intruder, this especially when the dog is no longer puppy. Because when they are puppies the two is easier to get along, because that is when it is easier to teach. If we do so and slowly, surely get along well, so yes, keep in mind that when you are together you have to be you to supervise, and if you're not keep them in two different rooms, until you see that take the all well and almost pass each other.

Persevere in this and you can have two pets happy and not droop for that take, as is normal afternoons 4-8 weeks.