The Chow Chow

Cabut Here we have an excellent quality chow chow and thoroughbred pedigree.

The chow chow is a dog of character peculiar ancient Chinese hunter bears and dog battle with his strange blue tongue has now become a apasinado dog daycare and company.

They are dogs of his master, independent of any contact other than their human partner.

Dogs are calm, brave and guardians, will not stop giving the alert while thinking that something is happening in the vicinity of their home and territory.

They have a very sociable character with other dogs will mark their territory and everything will be fine as long as nobody messes with them.

They are very greedy and sleepy ... which can lead to fatten a bit, we pay attention to this and take care of your daily exercise for dogs to stay in shape physically and mentally, no better than letting our pet desahoge and exercise.

The chow chow breeding is delicate, we go to our vet to carry the pregnancy track, ensuring that everything goes well for not endanger the health of our future mama dog.

Among his most demanded care daily brushing will be one of our tasks and will be worth watching as it changes the face cabut after leaving the salon.