Peacock, Pavus cristatus.

The Peacock is a magnificent bird, and revered by the Egyptians, for their fantastic plumage ..

Turkeys in full livery as bridal Peacocks povonean ... exhibiting its fully open and shaking their feathers emitting a characteristic sound.

The peacock is a farmyard see open space you need to live properly. We should note that re ... flying a great time and will go to the neighbor as soon as we neglect, so if you do not want problems with your neighbor act accordingly.

They will make a nest on the ground, where they deposit their eggs and incubate female. We can also use the method of the incubator, where we controlled the young until they are born, but there is nothing like the natural cycle.

The Peacock has many color mutations, if you give yourself a tour of google you could see photos of authentic wonders.

If you build a huge aviary Voladera or peacocks have to be high and if possible with trees inside, because they like to rest on the top of a tree.