The Albino Axolote

There are many species of axolotls, the axolotls are amphibians who fail to complete their metamorphosis.

It is advisable to put them in aquariums as large size swim enough and need room.

The temperature oscillated between 15 and 20 ° C with alkaline water.

They eat frozen bloodworms aquarium, in the wild larvae eat what caught ...

The axolotls are not caregivers of their children, will eat easily sunsets and the smaller size specimens.

Similarly if we put fish and you know that is what will happen to them, they will eat.

They like aquariums with standing water, no need to move, but we oxygenate a little water.

Best goals finger not because they face biting, like frogs, so yes, I do quepas in that small mouth, so quiet.