Redtailed black Shark

The Redtailed black Shark ... is a very nice fish, has a special shape and coloration is attractive to many fans.

Other times ... Some legends tell that eat snails ... botia like, but I've never seen.

My experience was that this beautiful fish in an aquarium of 96 liters, which had not yet cover only a small corner ... and day day if soil recogia not until I had to cover, because it was customary not to jump.

Labeo bicolor, bicolor is a fish Epalzeorhynchos a bit conflicted ... can reach up to 12 cm, this makes a fish aquariums requiring rather large size.

The temperature ranges between 22 and 28 ° C, and the neutral water pulling alkaline waters.

It has a somewhat aggressive temperament, which will make difficult its holdings with other species of tropical fish, fry tend to prey on his and other species.

Think well, before putting specimens of this species in community aquariums small volume of water.