The most poisonous dart frog World, terribilis

These frogs are really incredible, tiny frogs with some amazing colors.

That if they are poisonous, in this documentary you have information on their development in nature.

Originating in tropical forests of Central and South America.

They are a tremendous singsong, for how small they are, there are about 120 species of Dart Frogs.

The smallest of the Dendrobates measures 25 mm.

The poison dart frog in the world is more terribilis, yellow and only 4 cms in size, really compared to its size and power of its venom is more poisonous animal in the world.

These frogs have a very peculiar form of reproduction, as they live in the trees, the female lays eggs on a leaf and when they leave the male tadpoles takes and puts on his back, looking a puddle anywhere, since they are in a tropical forest and left there tadpoles that completed metamorphosis.