Care and Breeding of the Java Sparrow

The Exotic Bird Sparrow from Japan or exotic Padda is a very common bird in stores pets.

His character sociable and easy maintenance make it a bird breeding companion idea to place it in a small cage decorative exotic birds.

Distinguish the male from the female is not simple to the untrained eye of an amateur, the male has the circular ring of a more intense red color than the female, and the size of the peak is much higher than that of females.

We house them in a small cage where they will nest Voladera inside a nest box and will raise their chicks smoothly.

As basic mixture to feed exotic birds with millet, canary grass and panic grass is sufficient for maintenance and breeding.

We should always avoid drafts, as well as extreme temperatures, both hot and cold gelido suffocating.

We hope you enjoy this exotic bird friendly.

On this website you will find helpful breeders and detailed information about the Java Sparrow and many other species: