Most common Viviparous of hot water

The aquarium fish, a line of the viviparous hobby.

These fish are the easiest to play and one of the more satisfying to see them produce really well and with lots of fry around.

All have a similar systematic care and common breeding.

Alkaline Water temperatures of about 25 ° C and if we give some caches or sites where the offspring are hidden during the first days of life will breed great. Otherwise we can always use a farrowing and have separate Calves few days.

The females give birth to live fry and so are called viviparous, but really are ovoviviparous, because they hatch at birth, not like goodeids with viviparous umbilical cord and are real.

But no matter, the fact is that the easiest viviparous and beautiful with many mutations and colors to be found in any aquarium shop are:




Mollys velifera


... With all these different colors and have to fill an aquarium with life and color.