Timon lepidus

Spanish geography has lots of beautiful species of animals and plants. When you are not seeing it crosses your path something unexpected, a bit of beauty that fills all light. How many things are we do not know?

 Some species are a bit more shy and skittish than others, it is hard to see them, but they are also there, enjoying a little piece of sunshine and light, which reflects in their ocelli, protected by law, but not from men.

These lizard is one of the most beautiful lizards we have in our iberican land, formerly was a common species but today, in 2012 it is a very rarely seen, despite not being threatened. When we see one of these wonderful lizards, think in they deserve all our respect and if we do not free the way we are contributing our part not to enjoy again the luck to see a copy liveried youth loitering around us.


The adults are quite large, about 60 cm in total length, much corresponds to its long tail. They have some powerful jaws, I would not recommend anyone to put a finger inside.

 They usually  lay eggs once, and can perform up to 2 which buried in the sand with her hind legs.

If you are lucky enough to spend some days in the field, always carry your eyes and ears open, so you can enjoy in any natural source this wonderful as juvenile lizard before, as we did and we could photograph freely go his way in the mountains of Chera, Valencia .

 So, I leave a link to extensive information about the quality and ocellated lizard.


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