Ramirezi Cichlid Care and Breeding

One of the most beautiful South American cichlids that can be found are the Ramiezii, very common in specialized aquarium stores.

The will locate in an aquarium of at least 60 liter soft water at a temperature of about 28 º C

The males are very territorial and need areas and hiding places to mark their territories.

Accept frozen food well but we can live our food supply Ramirez enjoy a true spectacle, as when aroused Ramirez showing few deep and beautiful colors.

If we release a good bunch of live Daphnia Ramirez will see how hunters get boots and fill their guts all they can Looking at you as if to say Are you going to put more?

The Ramirez made his nest, his intercourse and take care of their offspring for a week until they are independent. If you do not have enough space you may either parent or other aquarium specimen ends with new fry.

Surely this pretty PLEASURE dwarf cichlid species.