How to hatch brine shrimp

When we start in fish breeding freshwater aquarium necessarily have to go to the hatching of Artemia nauplii.
They are the ideal food for fry newly nacios for its nutritional properties, motivation to be alive and ease of food preparation.
The first time I tried to play bettas, buy artemiero, diffuser, food for Artemia, especially salt ... let me spend a lot of money and not get a single betta breeding because parents ate them.

Then I started in the world of brine shrimp and killifish was the order of the day. To prepare medodo use the following:

. - Always the brine shrimp Artemia should be quality compradla a trusted site and if successful repeat after.

. - Prepare one plastic tapper with 1 liter of water, approx.

. - I put a tablespoon of brown rock salt for cooking, which sold in the supermarket. Which is used to make baked fish to salt for example.

. - I add a little brine shrimp eggs and remuevo.

. - I leave above the aquarium to have good temperature

Depending on the temperature by 1 or 2 days there will be hatched brine shrimp that pick with a syringe and the cast directly to the fry and some small adults who eat it great.



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