Common gecko, Tarentola mauritanica

Here we have one of the most common reptiles that can be found, the common gecko, Tarentola mauritanica.

It has adapted well to life in the city, living in facades of buildings with its angled legs that allow anti gravity walking.

If you look well you will see the rising of the tail of this gecko red dots, I remain puzzled but are parasites, they're mites that are caught in the skin of geckos sucking their blood.

They are great hunters and quite retracted, but when it comes to eating lose all shame and approach lights looking for quickly capturing prey.

Many years ago in my balcony had a bowl of mealworms that supplied my birds when they were raising and a good day I went to pick it up and before I knew I caught a gecko with chubby hand were fine because it was eating my worms , the truth is that we get both a good scare.

Remain dormant during the winter and early spring begin their breeding season, when males emit a sound with his mouth open to mark their territory.

After a few weeks the eggs are ready to hatch and have a new generation of geckos around us.




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